Although the FAQs come from a medical professional we are not medical professionals, and we do not give medical advice. It is recommended that you seek your own medical advice as you or your healthcare provider deem necessary.

Q1: What is Gripsanity?

Gripsanity is all in one hand gripper. It is a small portable device with three different knobs. Each knob has a slightly different function, but this device’s main purpose is to increase your hand grip to an extraordinary level.

Q2: What is the function of the star shaped knob?

The star-shaped knob uses muscles of hands and fingers. The muscles between bones of the hands are called interosseous muscles. Out of seven interosseous muscles, four are dorsal interosseous muscles, and three are palmar interosseous muscles. The star-shaped knob uses only palmar interosseous muscles because these muscles pull out fingers together. The dorsal muscles have a minor role in this.

Q3: What is the function of the round-shaped knob?

This knob uses muscles of the forearm in addition to muscles of the hand. The forearm’s three muscles that originate from the elbow and forearm bones are flexor digitorum superficialis, flexor digitorum profundus, and flexor pollicis longus.

Q4: What is the function of the engraved cylindrical knob?

This knob uses muscles of fingers, palm (interosseous muscles) as well as forearm muscles. Out of these three types of muscles, this knob is best for forearm muscles: flexor digitorum superficialis, flexor digitorum profundus, and flexor pollicis longus.

Q5: I’m a patient of cubital tunnel syndrome. Is this hand gripper useful for me?

No. Your ulnar nerve is damaged in cubital tunnel syndrome, and your grip is weak, but you shouldn’t use this hand gripper. The treatment of this syndrome is hand rest and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers.

Q6: I'm already doing exercises in the gym to strengthen my forearm muscles and grip strength. Is this device a good replacement for those exercises?

Yes. We’ve already claimed that this is all in one hand gripper. You can get rid of those boring exercises you were doing for improving your grip strength, such as using dumbbells, finger curls, rice bucket squeezes, and towel pull-ups.

Q7: Why should I buy only Gripsanity and not any other hand gripper?

Our hand gripper is innovative. Currently, there is no device out there in the market that can beat our hand gripper. From your forearm to all the way to the tips of your fingers, Gripsanity is all in one package, and that too at an affordable price. You do not need to leave your bed to use this hand gripper. We guarantee that we will replace any faulty piece without additional charges. We offer free delivery without any hidden charges. So what are you thinking now? Order this amazing hand gripper right now.

Q8: What do doctors say about your hand gripper?

Currently, our product is under experiment in some hospitals, and we’re receiving good responses. We’ve already tested our product dozens of times and modified it according to top fitness instructors and rehab physicians’ instructions. We’re planning to conduct more experiments on a larger scale in the near future.

Q9: What are other health benefits of using Gripsanity in addition to firmer grip?

The other health benefits of using this hand gripper are improved lung capacity, control of blood pressure, stronger hands at the age of 80, fewer cardiac issues, and control of blood sugar level (Diabetes).

Q10: Which sportsmen can benefit from Gripsanity?

Almost every sports person needs a strong grip and forearm to perform. But the basketball players, hockey players, tennis players, badminton players, hunters, climbers, boxers, and heavy weight lifters can get the most out of it.

Q11: How does the resistance work?

At check out you may see PSI, pounds per square inch, options. That is one way to affect the resistance. Turning the product will also increase resistance as it will require more PSI, or pressure from the user.

Q12: Is your hand gripper available in different colors?

Yes. Gripsanity is available in eight different colors. Please check the product gallery for more details.