Benefits of Using Gripsanity (All in One Hand Gripper)

Have you ever imagined that you can improve your handgrip at your bedside? Are you afraid of going to the gym daily, or you cannot spare some time from your daily routine, and still you want to workout for muscles of your forearm, wrist, and hand, and fingers? Don’t worry at all, because we have developed all in one hand gripper for your forearm and hand workout.

One of the aspects of this hand gripper is that you can use it at your bedside. Isn’t that amazing? I know you must be thinking that if you should purchase it or not? Just spare five minutes from your busy routine, continue reading this article, and I bet you will be amazed by the benefits of this amazing device.

You can get maximum benefits from this hand gripper if you are a sportsman, climber, hiker, hunter, boxer, and undergoing physiotherapy sessions after a stroke. So, let’s dive deep into the benefits of this miraculous hand gripper.

Benefits for Body Builders and Weight Lifters:

Lifting heavy weights can be risky if your grip strength is weak. A weak grip can cause the weight to destabilize and can increase the chances of injuries.

Benefits for Body Builders and Weight Lifters

Your wrist joint is not a single joint, but it is made up of small joints between two long forearm bones and eight small carpal bones. Imagine the damage you can cause to your wrist if it is not stable during heavy weight lifting.

One such damage may be in the form of arthritis, which is a bone of joints. The leading cause of this disease is increased wear and tear of joints. If your hand and wrist muscles are weak, you are more prone to wear and tear of small wrist joints. As a doctor, I will advise you to use our hand gripper as your bedside tool. Using this hand gripper for only ten to fifteen minutes daily two times a day will eliminate your wrist joints’ risk of osteoarthritis.

This hand gripper will also reduce the chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome in weight lifters. In this disease, your median nerve is compressed in a tunnel on the palmar side of your wrist joint. The hand muscles of the person suffering from this carpal tunnel syndrome will be weakened over time, and you can no longer lift even lighter weight objects. Will it not be wiser to use a device that protects your wrist joint and strengthens your tendons and ligaments?

In addition to strengthening the grip, this device also improves the vascularity of your forearm muscles. The better blood flow to your forearm muscles will enhance your performance during the workout. This may sound funny to you, but blood is the fuel of the muscles as diesel is fuel for vehicles.

Benefits for Patients Recovering From Stroke and Patients Undergoing Physiotherapy:

A stroke occurs when a part of your brain becomes dead due to loss of blood supply. This mostly results in loss of muscle function. Treatment after stroke is usually a multidisciplinary approach, but physiotherapy is of prime importance.

Many physiotherapy centers in the United States are costly, and there is the additional problem of pick and drop. Of course, this device is not an alternative for muscles of the legs and other body parts. But when we talk about forearm and hand muscles, this hand gripper is unbeatable, and we are saying this after experiments. This hand gripper comes with three different knobs, and all the muscles from your forearm to your fingers are in action when using this device. There is no single product in the market, all in one for forearm muscles, wrists, and hands.

All the movements performed during physiotherapy of the forearm and wrists, such as extension, flexion, pronation, supination, abduction, and adduction, can be performed using this device. You just have to change the knobs, perform simple to and fro movements of the knob, and that’s it. Isn’t this an incredible device? This is the reason we have named it GRIPSANITY.

You can read about other health benefits of this hand gripper in this article written by Doctor Wasif.

Benefits for Sportsmen:

Most sports except football require a useful handgrip and powerful forearm muscles for better performance. I’ll explain this by taking examples of some of the sports.

1 . Basketball

One of the steps of playing basketball is palming the ball effectively. So how would you palm a ball if your hand muscles are not strong enough? Palming a basketball requires strong thenar and hypothenar muscles of your palm. For this purpose, the round knob and star-shaped knobs of this hand gripper are of great use. The round knob will strengthen your hands’ intrinsic and extrinsic muscles, and the start shaped knob will strengthen your fingers’ muscles. Collectively this will give a basketball player the best grip.

hand grip Benefits for Sportsmen

Are you a basketball player and tired of hectic daily gym routines and boring exercises to strengthen your grip? This hand gripper is the solution for you. I advise you to spare two minutes of your life and order GRIPSANITY right now.

2 . Cricket

Every cricketer in the world requires an effective hand grip for better performance. There may be further comments on how to grip a bat, but no coach can deny the importance of improved grip strength. In addition to a handgrip, a cricketer must have strong forearm muscles. Our all in one hand gripper will help you in this regard. Three different knobs of our device will turn your muscles from flesh to iron in a period of just four weeks.

3 . Boxing

It is a fact that boxing increases wrist strength, but only if you punch with the right strategy. So what if you have just landed in the sports of boxing? You may end up with a broken wrist joint if this is not strong and flexible enough.

Your trainer may advise you to hit the bag, do push-ups and planks. Some of the newly recruited boxers have reported to hospitals’ orthopedic department with broken or at least damaged wrist joints. Half of these boxers hit the bag in the wrong way. We have come with a solution for you, and that is our wonderful hand gripper. The volunteers are testing all the three different knobs of GRIPSANITY.

Benefits of hand gripper for Sportsmen

Ninety-nine percent of these have reported increased flexibility of writs joints and better punches with reduced risk of wrist joint injuries.

There are many other sports that require strong forearm muscles and strong grip and wrist joints, such as hockey, tennis, baseball. Our hand gripper is in one solution for you.

Benefits of GRIPSANITY for Outdoor Activities:

Many outdoor activities or hobbies such as hunting, fishing, and climbing require sufficient grip strength.

Imagine that you’re fishing on a bank of river or lake and you get a big bite! A battle starts between you and the big fish. If your grip is weak, you will end up losing the fish as well as your fishing tackle. Oops! What an embarrassment. Well, I have a solution for you to prevent this embarrassment, and that is, of course, GRIPSANITY, our all in one hand gripper.

For hunting, you have to aim very precisely, and you need a strong forearm and strong wrist muscles to do the job with only one bullet. Holding a rifle or a pistol requires strong muscles of the hand and forearm. No, you do not need to do boring exercises for this purpose as we have developed all in one solution for you. You just have to buy our hand gripper. I bet you will be amazed by the results.

Climbing requires healthy finger joints as well as strong muscles of fingers and wrists. One of the differences between an excellent climber and a mediocre one is grip strength. So if you cannot go to the gym due to your hectic daily routine, you must try our little hand gripper. As you know, it comes with three different knobs. The start shaped knob is best for improving grip strength to be an excellent climber.

Why do professionals recommend GRIPSANITY?

Medical professionals, gym trainers, and professional hikers have tested our product, and they are amazed to see the results. According to doctors, this hand gripper has many positive health benefits in addition to strengthening the grip. You can read this article by Doctor Wasif in which he has thoroughly mentioned the positive health benefits of using GRIPSANITY.

Gym trainers are recommending this hand gripper for the forearm and wrist because this is all in one hand gripper. Other gym tools require proper angles for the exercise of different muscle groups, but you have to change the knob and be ready to train your muscles in this gripper.

You’re one of the lucky persons who have come so far reading this article. So do you think you need to waste money on other expensive grippers? Of course not! Now your only choice for improving your grip is GRIPSANITY.